BGCA Native Services was once again proud to participate in the 2019 BGCA National Conference held on May 2, 2019 in Houston, Texas. This year, the 1-Day Native Track session of the conference was designed to inspire and empower Club youth and encourage success through advocacy and was hosted by Vice President of Native Services, Carla Knapp, National Director of Government Relations, Sage Learn, and Advocacy Director, Chasity Mitchell.

Participants of the 1-Day Native Track were provided strategic direction in a variety of advocacy approaches and engagement strategies, along with powerful best practices for Native Clubs. Attendees were given direction in utilizing a user-friendly, step-by-step action plan with the goal of implementing an effective advocacy plan at their Club. Throughout the training, participants were reminded that the most successful advocacy consists of clearly defined goals, strategic tactics, and measurable outcomes with the opportunity for growth.

Native Services’ advocacy guide is designed to help Clubs successfully navigate a variety of manageable advocacy goals. These goals may include pursuing new government funding streams, influencing local and state legislation, or simply building relationships with your state or Tribal elected officials and community representatives.

The guide is meant to help break down goals into small, manageable steps that create a year-long advocacy action plan. It is helpful to keep in mind that a great advocacy plan not only creates an Optimal Club Experience for youth, but strengthens leadership. BGCA Native Services encourages all CEOs to reach out to their Director of Organizational Development, who can begin walking through the steps of creating an effective advocacy plan.

1-Day Native Track