The Boys & Girls Clubs in Indian Country Board of Directors, comprised of BGCA National Staff and leaders from partner organizations, seeks to advocate for all Clubs on Native lands. Advocacy takes place through fundraising, partnership building, and communicating with local Clubs and Tribal agencies.

Board of Directors

Dan Lewis
President & CEO 
Native Insight, LLC

John Underwood
Managing Director
Goldman Sachs & Co.

Carla Knapp
Vice President, Native Services
Boys & Girls Clubs of America

Kelly Concho-Hayes
Director of Organizational Development
Boys & Girls Clubs of America

Lorraine Orr
Chief Operations Officer
Boys & Girls Clubs of America

Andra Rush
Chief Executive Officer
Dakkota Integrated Systems

Kristine Morain
Legal Advisor
Boys & Girls Clubs of America

Valerie Red-Horse Mohl
Chief Financial Officer
East Bay Community Foundation

Gary Wendt
Capital Management

Native youth