BGCA Native Services offers a wide variety of training opportunities all over the country for Club professionals. Check out some of our upcoming events and professional development opportunities!

Virtual Teen Summit

2020 Virtual Teen Summit

Boys & Girls Clubs of America’s Native Services team will host their first ever Virtual Teen Summit. This 3-day conference will unite Native Club members across the Nation by providing a space for teens to be present and BE THERE for each other.

  • November 2-4, 2020

Native Learning Events

2020 Native Learning Events

BGCA Native Learning Events provide opportunities for Club youth development professionals to network with others in their region, and to learn strategies and techniques to better serve the youth in their communities.

  • Postponed – TBD | Atlanta, GA
    (Maine, New York, Florida, Mississippi, North Carolina, Alabama, South Carolina)
  • Postponed – TBD | Tulsa, OK
    (Oklahoma, Nebraska, Kansas)
  • August 19-20, 2020 | Mystic Lake Casino | Prior Lake, MN
    (Michigan, Wisconsin, South Dakota, Minnesota, North Dakota)
  • September 24-25, 2020 | Las Vegas, NV
    (New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, California, Hawaii, American Samoa, Nevada)
  • September 15-16, 2020 | Kwataqnuk Resort | Polson, MT
    (Montana, Wyoming, Washington, Idaho, Alaska)


Native ALP

The Advanced Leadership Program (ALP), provided by BGCA, is a learning experience that provides Boys & Girls Clubs leaders and their teams with the necessary tools to teach and develop leadership capacity in their organization. ALP is designed to provide new concepts, benchmark best practices, and provide real time coaching.

  • Date and location to be determined

Native AP

Advancing Philanthropy (AP) is designed to guide Clubs in building a sustainable development model centered on the creation of a maintainable culture of philanthropy. The Advancing Philanthropy program provides an opportunity for Clubs to increase resource development in a transformative way.

  • Date and location to be determined
NAC Logo

Native Advisory Committee (NAC)

The Native Advisory Committee (NAC) provides leadership and insight on Native history, traditions, values and culture that will help establish and refine BGCA’s systems and methods of service to assure the greatest benefit for Native Clubs. 2020 NAC meetings will take place:

  • Virtual Meeting Date – TBD
  • October 13-14, 2020 | Atlanta, GA
BGCA National Conference

1-Day Native Track

This is a 1-day “Invite Only” for all Native Clubs. Topics range from opportunities, best practices for youth development professionals, and solutions for challenges found in the community. Additional topics will be identified for 2021 dates.

  • TBD

National Training Initiative (NTI)

The National Training Initiative (NTI) is designed to provide opportunities for every Boys & Girls Club to have their own certified trainer(s). Embedding certified trainers within organizations will allow them to conduct their own professional development trainings and collaborate with other local organizations to host learning events. Key benefits for Clubs: Trained facilitators who will deliver high-quality trainings for Club staff, as well as training additional facilitators in their local organizations and regions; More facilitators in the field, making it easier for Clubs to get the training their staff needs; More professional development opportunities to cultivate the strongest Club professionals possible; New and enhanced facilitation techniques to help increase organizational capacity, enhance program quality and improve the Club Experience for youth and teens.

  • October 20-22, 2020 | Atlanta, GA

2021 Native Summit

The 2021 Native Summit, organized by BGCA Native Services, provides an opportunity for CEOs, Board Members and Tribal Leaders to gather, learn and grow together, share in each other’s culture, and attend relevant sessions. The Summit is designed to help Native Clubs develop stronger, more sustainable organizations that most effectively meet the needs of their communities.

  • Date and location to be determined