Summer Brain Gain Native Adaptation

Summer Brain Gain, a foundational Boys & Girls Club program in the Education Core Program Area, is designed to prevent summer learning loss.

Unless young people practice academic skills over the summer, they lose an average of two months’ worth of math skills. Youth from low-income families also lose an average of two months’ worth of reading skills. Summer learning loss stacks up from year to year, broadening the achievement gap between lower- and higher-income youth. The achievement gap between youth of different socioeconomic levels has nothing to do with student motivation or ability. It has everything to do with access to enriching learning experiences.

Ensuring access for Native youth to a curriculum that prepares them for workforce readiness is critical in creating a plan for their futures. Closing the achievement gap is of key importance to BGCA Native Services and Summer Brain Gain is designed with specifically Native youth in mind in order to help them graduate on time and be motivated to learn with a plan to succeed in today’s modern workforce.