BGCA is the nation’s largest youth service provider for Native youth with:
Nearly 250

Native Clubs

Over 120,000

Native youth served

Nearly 150

Tribal communities represented

Over the past 30 years, Boys & Girls Clubs of America (BGCA) has established an enduring presence on Native Lands and has committed to improving the capacity of Boys & Girls Clubs to serve a greater number of Native youth. We have dramatically increased our impact by improving our Clubs’ ability to build and sustain strategic collaborations with Tribal leaders and key stakeholders.

BGCA continues its pledge to assist Native communities and expand youth development. Such efforts have been demonstrated by the establishment of BGCA Native Services and through an increase in national professional staff to assist in building the capacity of professionals in our Clubs, including developing leaders at all levels of our Native organizations. BGCA Native Services is committed to strengthening the cultural identity of Native youth through programming that promotes positive youth development along critical cultural, social, emotional, intellectual, and physical dimensions through sustainable organizations.

Native youth

Supporting Native Boys & Girls Clubs

Each state has a designated Director of Organizational Development (DOD) that provides direct service to the organization’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Chief Volunteer Officer (CVO), Program Staff, its board and/or Tribe. BGCA Native Services has a unique understanding of issues related to serving Native youth through working with Native communities, and provides culturally relevant programs and services.

The success of Boys & Girls Clubs on Native Lands cannot be solely attributed to the quality of services that we offer or the inherent need for those services. Our success relies on your dedication, support, and belief in our mission to inspire and enable young people and their families, especially those with the greatest need: our Native youth. Thank you for your interest in joining us to help shape the lives of youth and prepare them for a successful future. We look forward to partnering with you!