Boys & Girls Clubs of America’s new strategic direction, Future Ready: Agenda for Collective Impact, will shape the direction of Native Clubs in the years ahead. With an eye on growth, quality and outcomes, this new initiative will inform our collaborative work with Boys & Girls Clubs on Native Lands as we build upon existing strength to best serve Native youth, families and communities.

The initiative’s five priority areas act as a roadmap for how Native Clubs will be able to generate the most collective impact.

Future Ready: Agenda for Collective Impact

Through Organizational Strength we will support these organizations in their efforts to increase resiliency and resource development.

Talent acts as a driver in strengthening and diversifying staff and volunteers at each Native Club location.

With Youth and Teen Impact, we will seek to broaden the Native Club footprint and expand culturally relevant programming.

Influence will continue our commitment to amplifying Native youth voice through advocacy and publicity.

Finally, Digital Transformation will focus on using technology as a strategic advantage and building a greater online presence for the Indigenous Movement. 

BGCA Native Services will continue working alongside Native Boys & Girls Clubs to ensure that this roadmap and these priority areas incorporate local strategies to drive positive outcomes. With your support and partnership, we will make certain that the future readiness of Native Clubs yields the most collective impact.