Boys & Girls Clubs of America’s Native Services team recognizes that youth are our future and our strength.  Each day we strive to honor that by ensuring Native Clubs can bring safety, fun, opportunity, and hope to the youth that need us most.

The news is full of stories about coronavirus COVID-19, and we have closely watched the developing situation and recognize the current environment is changing daily and how can Club leaders continue to play a critical role in helping to protect our communities. Like you, BGCA Native Services, believes that youth are our future and our greatest asset. During this difficult time Boys & Girls Clubs of America’s Native Services team is committed to providing support and resources to meet the immediate needs of Clubs and Native youth while safeguarding our youth and respecting each community’s unique cultural values, traditions and ways.

Below you will find updates related to COVID-19 and the steps that you can take to keep your Club safe. Please note that because this is a rapidly evolving situation, please frequently visit for as information will be updated as additional resources, guidance, and information become available.

Below are new resources and guidance on Business Continuity, Communications, Government Relations, Resource Development, OJDDP, Distance Learning, Virtual Programming, NYOI, Human Resources, and Stress.


In this unprecedented time, it is critical that Club organizations intentionally focus on strategies to lay the groundwork for long-term viability and sustainability:

Guidance for Open Clubs and Closure Decision Making:
Resources for Business Continuity:


Visit the GR page on to get up to the minute updates and resources on COVID-19 related government relations information at the Federal and State levels. If you have specific questions on government response, please email BGCA Advocacy.



The U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Justice Programs (OJP) has issued new Guidance to OJJDP FY 2019 recipient Clubs that allows for continuing to pay Club staff charged to the OJJDP FY 2019 grants during the Club closures:

  • Clubs must have and maintain for audit current and Board adopted written leave policies and procedures effectively addressing unexpected or extraordinary circumstances.
  • In order to be eligible for this relief, your organization must be in full compliance with BGCA’s Criminal Background Check Membership Requirements, as well as the OJJDP special condition ensuring that advance determinations of suitability are made before certain individuals interact with participating minors through the award;
  • Club sites that are temporarily closed due to COVID-19 and unable to deliver traditional site-based mentoring as required in Letters of Agreement may elect to administer Virtual/Distance Mentoring programming;
  • Boys & Girls Club organizations with SAM registration expiration dates between 3/19/20 and 5/17/20 will automatically receive a 60-day extension. This effort is expected to be completed by 3/28/2020;
  • The 4/3/20 deadline for submissions of the first quarter OJJDP FY 2019 program report will be extended by 30 days;

Please contact your national Federal Grants Specialist should you require support activating your Club’s OJJDP FY 2019 Letter(s) of Agreement. For questions regarding the OJJDP FY 2019 Advance Determination of Suitability to Interact with Participating Minors requirements. Contact information can be found at


We understand that many organizations have had to make difficult decisions to adjust your business models in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. This has left many of your staff with an unexpected opportunity to focus on professional development and “leveling up” their work with youth.

The Training and Professional Development Calendar is here to provide opportunities for your staff to get real-time professional development experiences, such as virtual instructor-led training workshops, webinars, tutorials, consultations, coaching and planning sessions.

Aside from virtual engagements, there are also a variety of distance learning training opportunities available through Spillett Leadership University (SLU). These trainings include eight new Youth Development Foundational Pathway trainings, nine Weikart Youth Work Methods, and 11 Praesidium safety trainings – totaling 24 hours of available training. With virtual real-time trainings and distance learning courses, your staff has access to the resources they need to build their skills.

To access distance learning through SLU, each staff member will need to set up a account and an SLU profile. For assistance setting up an account please follow these registration instructions, more information can be found here.


We understand the disruption Club closures have in members’ lives. To help with contingency planning, we are updating virtual programming resources regularly on

We continue to update the MyFuture resource center for Youth Development Professionals and their families. We have released the first Virtual Club Session Schedule and will continue to update the resource center with additional resources and content as they are available.

Visit this page to access:

  • Daily “drop-in” webinars to learn how virtual programming might work for your Club and members
  • Virtual Programming Overview
  • Sample Parent Letters and Consent Forms
  • Other virtual activities to share with Club members, caregivers, and your community


We certainly understand that Clubs’ ability to administer member surveys has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Having assessed all options, we have decided not to extend this year’s survey window and request that Clubs focus on their members, families, and communities at this time.

We will leave the NYOI member survey open with the current timeline for those Clubs that remain open and wish to continue surveying members online (April 10) or using paper surveys (April 6 postmark). Survey support will remain in place. Click here for more information.


WEBINAR – 501(c) HR Services is offering a webinar on Thursday, April 2 at 12 p.m. EDT to address nonprofit employer responsibilities in the COVID-19 pandemic. The webinar will discuss how the outbreak may be affecting organizations and what you can do to manage related issues. This webinar is tailored based on questions HR Services has received from nonprofits in the past weeks as the outbreak has escalated. Click here for more information.

We know Clubs have questions about new legislation around paid time off, unemployment, etc. during these uncertain times. Due to variation by state, and differences in local policies, the best option is to work with your organization’s legal counsel for guidance on your organization’s specific situation.

501 (c) HR Services can also provide support and guidance. Click here for more information.


In this uncertain time, many feel overwhelmed, stressed and anxious. The Club Experience Blog is sharing a regular series on “Managing Stress” to support Club staff and families with resources, best practices, and community. Please visit