BGCA Native Services is pleased to honor and celebrate Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month this May by exploring ways Clubs can incorporate recognition of Asian/Pacific heritage into their programming.

Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month originated in 1992 as a week-long celebration. The month of May was chosen in honor of the first Japanese immigrants who came to the United States and the completion of the transcontinental railroad, both of which occurred during May.

This month presents a perfect opportunity to ensure your Club acknowledges Asian/Pacific Americans at your Club and in the community. Below you can find examples of ways you can show appreciation and introduce your youth to the amazing diversity and contributions of Asian/Pacific Americans.

Celebrate Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month

The BGCA movement serves 1.98 million total registered members – with 4% of its registered youth and staff representing Asian/Pacific heritage. LaCresha McManus, a proud American Samoan woman and Citywide Director of Teen Services for the Boys & Girls Club of San Francisco, has commented on serving this population by saying, “It wasn’t until recently that I found out how influential I am to young girls of color, especially those of Pacific Islander heritage. I am the only Samoan employee in my organization, and I am very grateful for the opportunities to remind my team of the Pacific Islander community. I’m proud to be a leader in the youth development arena and to be a representation of Pacific Islanders in the Movement.”

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