2020 Virtual Teen Summit

November 2-4, 2020

Boys & Girls Clubs of America’s Native Services team will host their first ever Virtual Teen Summit.  This 3-day conference will unite Native Club members across the Nation by providing a space for teens to be present and BE THERE for each other.

We recognize the recent global public health and social welfare events have impacted our youth’s spirits in many ways. When a small group of Native youth were asked what they needed, our Native youth with their spirit and tenacity said, “We need to BE THERE for one another, for encouragement, to support, to make connections, for fun, for community, for culture, for our future generations and to be present in the moment!” From their message, the Virtual Teen Summit was born! Through the summit, teens will have the opportunity to connect with peers and discuss topics and events that are important to them, engage with dynamic speakers to motivate, inspire, and influence global thinking, participate in age appropriate team activities that promote STEM, environmental awareness, cultural sharing, and skills for health transition.

Clubs are the light that shines through the darkness for teens especially during this pandemic. Even though the world feels dark right now – the Club offers light, hope and opportunity. To turn on and shine our light is to be present… and to BE THERE. Join us for the inaugural Virtual Teen Summit November 2-4 with additional activities running throughout National Native American Heritage Month.

CEOs of Native Boys & Girls Clubs and Traditional organizations with Native sites are invited to register a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 20 teens. Please contact Norma Brown at nbrown@bgca.org if you have any questions about registering for this exciting event.